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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Room to rent? 

If you are just renting the room for a meeting without purchasing food or beverages that exceed $1,000, the room rental fee is $100.00 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. 

What other costs are associated with using the banquet room? 

Linens are $5 to clean and fold per cloth, if you bring in your own decorations you must clean them up or take them with you. We can provide projectors, DJ and other entertainment upon request. 

Can the entire restaurant be rented out for a special event? 

Yes, in order to close the restaurant for an event, we require a purchase of $6,000 or more of food and beverages in order for us to close the restaurant for your event. 

How many people can the room hold? 

The Banquet room can hold up to 80 guests with round tables (6 to 10 seats per) or Long Tables. Classroom style can hold more. 

Can we bring in our own food? 

We DO NOT allow outside food to be brought in to our meetings rooms. The only acceptions are Special Cakes (Birthday, Wedding, etc…) or pre-approved specialty items like chocolate fountains, Candy Displays, etc… 

Can we bring in our own beverages? 

No. We supply all beverages. 

Can we decorate ourselves? 

Yes, but you will be required to clean up and remove all of your decorations after the event, or a cleaning fee of up to $150 may apply.

How long do we get the room? 

3 to 4 hours is the typical event time. Your coordinator will work out a time that we will have the room set up, that we will serve, and that we will start breaking down the room. 

Do you provide sit down or buffet style? 

Both. People can order from a limited menu with a pre-set price that we and you create, or we can set up a buffet and allow guests to serve themselves. 

Do you do Food Stations like carving stations, pasta Stations, etc…? 

Yes, but there is an attendant fee and prices vary. Ask your coordinator for details. 

Can you do breakfast? 

Yes. A breakfast menu can be created or guests can order from a menu. 

Do you do other food that is not listed on the banquet menu? 

It depends. Let us know what you want and we shall see. 

Can our guests just order off the Tavern Menu? 

Yes, for parties of 20 or less. Your banquet server will try to accommodate special diets when possible. 

How much do I have to pay as a deposit in order to secure the date? 

25% of the estimated quote to reserve the date. 25% more 1 week before the event along with a final number that will attend. The balance of 50% and whatever additional charges, plus tax and gratuity are due the day of the event. 

What if my number of people that RSVP changes? 

We will prepare enough food for the number of guests you tell us 1 week out. That is the minimum you will be charged because we have already ordered the food. If your number of guests increases, we will do our best to accommodate them with more food we will charge accordingly. 

Do we get to take home the left overs? 

Whatever is left out on the buffet can be taken home. Container costs will apply. 

What do banquet servers do and how do we tip them? 

Banquet Servers will set up your room, restock plates, napkins and silverware, replenish food, refresh drinks or drink station, bus tables and take orders from the bar as needed. They will also clean up the dishes and room after the event is over. An 18% Banquet Service fee will be collected and a portion will be given to the servers. Additional tips are welcome if you feel they do particularly well for you. 

What if I have to cancel an event after I’ve paid a deposit? 

As long as you cancel 14 days prior to the event, you can get 50% of your deposit back. If you cancel less than 14 days prior to your event, unless we can book another event for that room on that day, you will lose your deposit. 

Can we bring in a DJ or other professional service? 

Yes, and if you need a reference of a good DJ that has done parties here, let us know. Any DJ or service must be approved by our management first. Photo booths are ok, but inflatables are not. 

Do you do charity events for non-profits? 

Yes, but tax exempt organizations must provide a certificate or they will be taxed.

Do you provide linens or do we need to bring our own? 

You can bring your own, or we can provide them. You have the choice of Black or white Linens if we provide them. Other colors require a higher rental fee. There is a $5 cleaning fee for each table cloth. 

Can our guests order from the bar? Yes, we recommend ordering from the banquet server and letting them go to the bar to get the drink, as opposed to them leaving the room and going to the bartender themselves. 

Can I run a tab for my guests and cap it at a certain amount? 

Yes, tell us what kind of drinks you want to limit them to and the amount and our servers will keep your tab and you can settle at the end of the event. Wine bottles can be provided and only charged if they are open. 


Most buffets will also have a drink station set up including water, Ice Tea and Lemonade. A server will fill glasses and provide ice and refill as needed. Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite may be purchased by the pitcher. 


Banquet Wine is sold by the bottle. House wine for white and red is $20 per bottle. 

Beer can be sold by the bottle. $2.50 for domestic and $3.50 for imports. 

Liquor can be purchased in the banquet room with the server and they can run a tab separate from the party tab or it there can be a limit on open bar. Tickets can be purchased for guests or a tab can be established with a limit that you will be notified about.


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